You’ve always craved the limelight,

your 15 minutes of fame;

you consider publicity your birthright,

and exposure for you is a game.

Well, I’ve got my lens on you,

so obscurity’s a thing of the past;

I’ll give you the credit you’re due –

your beauty is destined to last!


Isn’t it great to be able to freeze a moment in time, and create a lasting monument?  This ‘Limelight ‘ ninebark shrub is now immortalized!

9 comments on “Limelight

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Very Beautiful, Melody–now I’ll need to research “ninebark”, as I’m wondering what that means, exactly (nine layers of bark??).

  2. RoSy says:

    Sometimes I wish I could hold those moments longer. But – am happy with the ones given.

  3. Debbie says:

    I love that about photos, Melody, being able to capture a moment to keep.And your poems do that so well too! Thanks for sharing the beauty of it all!

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