Alive and Kicking

Which is more alive?


you need to know when to fold,

when to halt the forward momentum.

The irony bleeds on blades of steel –

blooming is most profitable

when ground to a halt;


in the secret places,

seeds are knit from

crisping petals,

distended ovaries,

dried husks of youth.

Once the shell of beauty is ceremoniously cracked,

rendered useless,

torn limb from limb

in ferocious labour pains,

what spills from broken caskets is

Alive and Kicking…

10 comments on “Alive and Kicking

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    And, the flower is?? Also–do you not get slapped by WP for using so many tags and cats? I see you’re a “dot com”–so maybe, then, you get to use more (unlimited?)? I’m a dot com now, too–still learning what the perks are…

    • melodylowes says:

      The flower is ‘campanula’ – also called ‘blue clips’. They come in variations of blue/purple and white. Aren’t they pretty? I have no idea about tags and such – I’ve never been ‘slapped’ by WP for anything so maybe the upgrade allows for more ‘stuff’?

      • Caddo Veil says:

        Lovely name, campanula…might work into a poem for me. You’re probably correct, that the upgrade allows for more “stuff”–so I think I’ll go for it!!

  2. johnydecali says:

    Do you write you’re own poems? They’re great.

  3. Hey!! I would like to nominate you for the Super-Sweet blogging award!!
    Here’s the link!!

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