War on Winter

Chilly circumstances, chilly reception,

but your warm thoughts give you away;

emeralds dance where snow dares to tread,

ruby veins declare vibrancy

where Jack Frost staked his claim.

You may be snowed in,

but Jack skates on thin ice.

Your roots find sustenance

at a Greater Source –

deeper than the permafrost,

they seek out Life

that cannot be frozen,

will not be conquered,

dare not give way to

petty passing phases,

the vagaries of sudden snow.

Tapped in,

roots gain access

to thawing thoughts,

melting moments,

warm weather of

inner strength

which allows emeralds to ignite

and rubies to revolt,


war on winter.

3 comments on “War on Winter

  1. There could be a quiet, meaningful war like this. Beautiful!

  2. Robert Rife says:

    Isn’t “vagaries” just the most fun word ever? I love it so much I think I overuse it. I like this poem, Melody.

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