18 comments on “Paint Me Purple

  1. RoSy says:

    I always love a colorful sky!

  2. Melody, this sunset is gorgeous; I love how you described it!
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • melodylowes says:

      Thanks Wendy! ๐Ÿ™‚ The night before, I didn’t stop what I was doing and run for my camera, although I could see that it was shaping up to be a spectacular sunset. I thought ‘I’ll catch the next one’ – and missed out. A little life lesson there perhaps? Not every sunset it spectacular – we have to enjoy them as they come, with no expectations!

  3. Caddo Veil says:

    This is another “Ooooo” one–I love it!!!!!

  4. Gallivanta says:

    Makes me think I wouldn’t mind a makeover in those colours.

  5. Debbie says:

    This was brilliant and fun! Just wonderful, Melody! Thank you!

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