Collecting Data


Senses collect the data,

process and sort,

 conclude that Christmas is coming.

But senses can be sidetracked,


led down a snowy garden path.

Heart and mind collect Promises,

data for the spirit,

process and sort,

conclude that Spring

is but a breath away.


For a devotional on this topic, visit Growing With God in my Garden

12 comments on “Collecting Data

  1. jaels says:

    Another goodie, Mel–thanks!!

  2. RoSy says:

    Hopefully – you’ll see spring soon. I told her to keep moving up, up, up! She’s been here throughout the weekend & I think she finally overtook winter!

  3. lylekrahn says:

    Led down a snowy garden path – very nice as well as the reference to Christmas. I used to have a Christmas cup at work all year long. In addition to getting bemused looks it gave me the opportunity to tell them it’s always just about Christmas (and nobody stole my mug).

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