Complimentary Colours


If she stepped back,

rocked on her heels

and widened the angle,

she would see that

this birthmark,

this season of purple

bruising, is simply

a piece of the mosaic

that is painting her

life story in



8 comments on “Complimentary Colours

  1. I can see her! Brilliant metaphor !

  2. Gallivanta says:

    Yes nice to think we have complimentary colours; monotone would be dull. Now wondering if we have water colours or oils or pastels?

  3. Ah I feel for her, I have lived long enough to have a rainbow coloured mosaic ~ now that I am more aware of my own strengths I will settle for black and white! x
    A very beautiful poem expressing a whole world of meaning in a few well chosen words x

  4. I think it is the bruisers in life that make us interesting.

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