Between the Lines

eyeliner macro

It’s true. Lines are

more prominent than

they used to be. But if

you will read between


them, you will enter

my world – dreams

and ever afters, knights

and clashes with wicked


tyrants, notes stashed

in bottles and tossed on

foreign shores. Between

these lines lies a


spirit-essence, a will,

a mind, a heart. Turn

the pages breathlessly

when suspense leaves


you hanging; linger long

where hope casts her

spell. Decode the jots,

decipher the plot


sketched out by

an author yet

unknown. Read me,

between the lines.


22 comments on “Between the Lines

  1. Beautiful! The lines are both lovable and useful! Loved it.

  2. lylekrahn says:

    I really liked this one. So many good phrases including “hope casts her spell.” But then I’ve always been partial to reading between the lines.

  3. that’s the best way to peruse the beautiful ~ between lines for, the spaces hold so much!

  4. Pam says:

    love this photo as well as the line: decode the jots, decipher the plots…

  5. Seb says:

    This poem is worlds inside worlds…

  6. Pieter Stok says:

    Great poem, great idea! Thank you.

  7. I really enjoyed reading this Melody. The more lines you have, the more you have seen and experienced. There are many pages to a book and much more to a person. I loved the line “turn the pages breathlessly when suspense leaves you hanging” it reminds me of all the things that are jotted down in our life diary from a young age, then when old age hits, we sit and glance at what had been from the past. Too late to make changes.
    Great post Melody.

    • melodylowes says:

      Thanks RPD! I like your take on aging – it fits so well with what I am experiencing and aim to experience. I LIKE the perspective that is coming with the grey hair… πŸ™‚

  8. Gallivanta says:

    Intriguing. I tend to be fixated on the lines and forget to read between them. It’s a bit like charging along a highway and neglecting to see what is on either side. What a lot gets missed that way.

  9. Bravo! Loved the line linger long where hope casts her spell

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