A Picture of Peace

White lily

Serenity is not the absence of wind,

But the assurance of an anchor.

Tether My Soul


Tether my soul, tie peace to my frame,

Make love my goal, steady my aim

That wherever I am, whatever I do,

Your presence in me would point others to You.


Inspiration from a frosty soccer net…

Living the Cross

If you first turn heart to heaven, building upward sturdy frame,

then add horizontal beaming, making peace your outward aim,

structure strong will anchor living, shell will take on proper cast,

Cross will be your model function, what you formulate will last.


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Pier Pressure

Will you hold me when I wander,

When my cortex tells me lies,

When the sorrows roll like thunder,

When the waves and fears capsize?

Will you anchor me with comfort,

Kiss my furrowed brow away,

Whisper low how much you love me,

Be my home port when I stray?

Will you shower me with sunshine

Under stormy, clouded skies?

Will you be my pier when pressured

Or is your strength a thin disguise?