Let It Fall


Lay them down, let them slip

From bone-white anxious fingertips –

These pseudo-hues, these not-true-yous,

The ways in which you daily choose

To dress your soul in binary,

Faux your skin in finery;

When fiction’s tarnish falls away,

When forgery is let decay,

Your backbone rises plumb-line strong,

Authentic in its truest song.

So let it fall, remove that shell –

You’re beautiful au naturel.




The Covering

frost crystals

She wrapped her naked soul in frost,

Afraid of being known;

But hiding came at bitter cost –

This skin was not her own.

She lost connection to her core

As frozen walls were raised;

The warmth of Love could melt, restore,

So she could live unglazed.







Bare Bones Beauty


Little by little,

she’s really losing it.

All that carefully applied foundation,

the layers of tint and frost,

the people-pleasing

and do-gooding,

the hours in front of a mirror

that forgot to reflect who she really was,

lay discarded on the cutting room floor.

The energy it took

to hold the fake coverings in place

has come for its final accounting;

naked and vulnerable,

her true form peeks through –

and those who see are stunned

at her bare bones beauty…

Crimson Tide

You may feel that you are the odd man out,

a fish out of water,

a freakish anomaly;


set the pace.

Be the thermostat

in a world of


Be one with Galileo,

and accurately read the heavens

while conventions sleep.

We will follow your lead

into uncharted places,

where life’s secrets lurk


true beauty

runs red, a crimson tide…