Of Boats and Seas

Vrsar marina


If I were a boat, and you the seas,

I’d hoist my sail and let the breeze

Bear me ever homeward bound,

Within your harbour, safe and sound;

And if a storm should cause dismay

With roaring gale and stinging spray,

You’d take the wheel, your waves escort

My shaking hull to safer port.

Midst unknown anchorage, should I

Dismiss my destiny, my why,

You’d paint my name upon my deck

In sea-foam green, lest I forget

That I am one with deeper swells,

With azure waves, and sea-carved shells,

With pirate kings, and mermaid songs;

For in your arms, my sail belongs.


So You Feel as Though You’re Only One


So you feel as though

you’re only one

in earthly meadow’s millions,

two feet,

a pair of arms,

sundry assorted parts

that fail to set

your arrangement apart;

but if you chose not to bloom,

the gap where your

smiling face should


would be left bare,

blank in the canvas,

one beautiful brick

short of a load –

so bloom. Take your place

proudly, stand in the gap,

and watch the whole

world  grow,




at a time…