Of Boats and Seas

Vrsar marina


If I were a boat, and you the seas,

I’d hoist my sail and let the breeze

Bear me ever homeward bound,

Within your harbour, safe and sound;

And if a storm should cause dismay

With roaring gale and stinging spray,

You’d take the wheel, your waves escort

My shaking hull to safer port.

Midst unknown anchorage, should I

Dismiss my destiny, my why,

You’d paint my name upon my deck

In sea-foam green, lest I forget

That I am one with deeper swells,

With azure waves, and sea-carved shells,

With pirate kings, and mermaid songs;

For in your arms, my sail belongs.


15 comments on “Of Boats and Seas

  1. Mirada says:

    WOW-WONDERFUL, I love it!

  2. Gallivanta says:

    And I do like that boat with your name (in sea-foam green) upon it!

  3. russtowne says:

    This brought a big smile to my face. I too loved the lines of your name in sea-foam green.

  4. This is absolutely beautiful…a joy to read:)

  5. jerseylil says:

    Melody, I really Love this poem, beautiful! And I’d love to sail away too. 🙂

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