Shine On

frosty sunflower


Shine on, little one,

though your petals crack 

with cold and icy 

shivers lick hungry

at your tender throat.


Shine on when Arctic

winds whisper white lies,

slanderous icebergs

distorting your image,

warping your purpose.


Shine on when frosty

tentacles deaden

pulse, sluggish sap-drips

creeping in dead-end

veins, maze of the damned.


Shine on despite cold

that hounds, ferocious

predator alert 

for signs of weakness,

patient for the kill.


For your name is Light.

Your breath blooms as warm 

sunbeams. You were born

to spin straw into

gold; so shine, shine on.







Ballad of the Bleeding Heart

I choose to enter in with you,

engage with you, take risks for you.

I see that loving changes you,

And so I enter in.

I seek to open up to you,

Confide in you, not hide from you.

I want a tie that binds to you,

To meld me to your skin.

In opening, I hurt for you,

I bleed for you, have need for you.

In doing so, I long for you,

And pain makes heart-ing hurt.

But something blooms inside of me,

Has pride in me, can’t lie to me.

And as I bleed, its beauty frees –

In giving, I find worth.

Relationship requires risk.  Sacrifice.  ‘Other-ness’.  And yet, created as we were for relating, the benefits outweigh our struggles as we learn to allow our hearts to engage on a deeper level.  Risk well! 


Forget-Me-Not blooms

Ah, yes.

I remember now.

Warmth of sun on skin.

Sweat running a race down curves.

This feeling of being alive and breathing.

This magnificence blooming inside me, growing…

I see you and I remember – I will ride out the winter’s crest.

I will survive my wounds.  I will rise up again on the waves of the wind.

Death cannot define me or dictate His agenda or rob me of  buds or strangle my hope.

I am remembering…