Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Stella D'Oro gold


Stiff upper lip and thick skin

blocked some of the blows,sure. But

they also blocked something she

needed more than oxygen,

more profoundly than safety,

more urgently than bars.


And now that she’s finally

transparent, those places where

her heart is the thinnest let

by far the most sunlight through.


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Image courtesy of PHOTOSTEAM

Structure is crumbling.

Like shark to blood, you circle,

Sensing and feeding on weakness,

Delighting in predation’s power;

You press your attack

With peace treaty crumpled underfoot,

Mounting ladder to scale boundary hastily erected.

Had you come

A humble visitor to doorway,

I could have extended the invitation

For tea.

But when my sentries spot your ladder,

They sound the alarm

And hunker in bunkers to repel another