cotoneaster brilliance


Unless you’re crushed, you cannot be poured,

Unless you’re struck, we can’t hear your chord;

Unless you’ve bled, you can’t feel my pain;

Unless you freeze, your colours are plain. 


It is only after the frost that our world puts on a show. 

Hang in there – your best is yet to come….

Full-Spectrum Brilliance


Disillusionment wraps warped tentacles in flesh

and drags her to Marianas Trench.

She’s been chasing the pot of gold

at the end of sopping rainbows,

concluding that

Life just doesn’t want to be lived,

not the way it was drawn

in her limited edition compilation of Grimm’s tales.


not daring to breathe,

she finally sees the Light –

and He is beautiful,


with eyes as blue as the seas

and smile as dazzling as the lightning

that shames the dark.

A love so purely crimson,

a strength so gorgeously verdant,

a mind so violet in its superiority

wraps her with a golden glow,

a sunset’s blush.

She sees that

chasing rainbows is but

clutching broken bits,

segments split into infinite bands of separate strands,

and is captured,




by the wholeness,

the boundless energy and electricity


Full-Spectrum brilliance…

True Colours


A flash of dizzying brilliance –

and rainbows arc and dance,

Science defying gravity.

Remove the Light,

and the mystery implodes;

a vortex of chaotic, gaping grief-space



falls by warped way-side.

But once rainbows are born,

first-born suns illuminate

the pain-place,

and Wounded walk,

painted in surreal stripes,


True Colours…

Chased By Rainbows

My rear-view mirror

spells it out –

I’m chased by rainbows,

tailed by dreams.

The sun over my shoulder uses

what storm clouds brewed

and funnels formed

to redeem my back-trail;

car tires churn

and toss a spray

that, when hit by brilliance,

pursues my past

with glory personified.


The rain was just breaking up this morning when I glanced in my rearview mirror.  I was, in truth, being chased by rainbows.  What a lovely thought, that my past can be redeemed and made into something beautiful!

Your Turn to Shine

You have navigated the Shadowlands,

fought off the Giants whose bulk

blocks the sun;

you have endured the hot air

whose vapours tangle light waves

and bend them out of your reach.

But one day,

all that stands in your way

will evaporate,

slinking away into the furthest recesses

where Shadows breed and breathe,

and it will come with a burst of brilliance –

your turn to shine.