Full-Spectrum Brilliance


Disillusionment wraps warped tentacles in flesh

and drags her to Marianas Trench.

She’s been chasing the pot of gold

at the end of sopping rainbows,

concluding that

Life just doesn’t want to be lived,

not the way it was drawn

in her limited edition compilation of Grimm’s tales.


not daring to breathe,

she finally sees the Light –

and He is beautiful,


with eyes as blue as the seas

and smile as dazzling as the lightning

that shames the dark.

A love so purely crimson,

a strength so gorgeously verdant,

a mind so violet in its superiority

wraps her with a golden glow,

a sunset’s blush.

She sees that

chasing rainbows is but

clutching broken bits,

segments split into infinite bands of separate strands,

and is captured,




by the wholeness,

the boundless energy and electricity


Full-Spectrum brilliance…

19 comments on “Full-Spectrum Brilliance

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    I love these colors, Melody–especially that the mind is violet–WOW!!

  2. tinamhunt says:

    Entranced by the wholeness…such amazing beauty in these words.

  3. Heidi Viars says:

    Life just doesnโ€™t want to be lived,
    not the way it was drawn
    in her limited edition compilation of Grimmโ€™s tales. …. indeed, it does not! powerful words, Melody

  4. Eric says:

    “Disillusionment wraps warped tentacles in flesh

    and drags her to Marianas Trench.”

    Great beginning—-gets the reader’s attention. Wonderful descriptors in this poem, one of your longer ones. Keep going in this direction.

    Light’s spectrum points to an expanding universe. Hubble had that right. The key is to rewind the universal film all the way back to its start. Ah, now there’s the Point! We are all here, traveling outward through space, because of a single moment of creation. And every day, our purpose is to expand just a little more to keep up with the universe.

    Dogs have it right, you know. God made them to remind us that we should just stick out our heads in glee and enjoy the ride! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Loved your poem, Melody. You have a fascinating mind and a beautiful pen.


  5. Robert Rife says:

    One of your best so far in my opinion.

  6. I absolutely love this poem, I think it is probably my favorite of any of yours I have read. Terrific.

  7. a fairytale in poetry !

  8. Debbie says:

    So gorgeous , Melody, and meaningful too! It’s that teacher in you! God bless you with His brilliant light!

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