Moment in the Sun


Caught in the midst of an endless cycle,

she alternates between

numb and inflamed, cool and intense.

The roller coaster between

Passion and Apathy makes for a very bumpy ride.

Feeling stirs fear

that she will lose control, drip into oblivion,

find herself

a puddle to be trifled with under hob-nailed boots.

But turning a cold shoulder,

selling herself to indifference only leaves her stiff at the sidelines,

forgetting to inhale.

She tells herself that the next time the warmth comes,

she’ll let go completely;

at least if she melts, she’ll have her moment

in the sun…

Frosty Player

Cold shoulders,

frigid stare;

numbed emotions,

glacial air.

Veins of ice

that chill to the bone –

frosty player

with soul of stone.


This piece marks poem 400!  This was not begun as a poetry blog.  But my readers enjoyed and supported my first attempts – and a poet has been born!  THANK YOU!