Cry Me a River

Cry me a river,

weep me a stream,

sob me a rivulet

on autumn-clad dream.

Mourn me a pretty brook

dappled with rain,

so I will know I can

let go of this pain.

Don’t Hide Your Tears

Don’t hide your tears, my child –

I give you permission to let them fall.

When life withholds its gavel,

when your Piper requires you to pay

a price set in the stars,

let them fall.

Mourn well.

The tension holding

what should be

far from what is,

will break you in its stern grip

unless you grieve;

Eden is long gone.

Cry away the withered hopes

and wash away bitter realities;

your sobs are soul-songs which

rise before the Throne above.

Such precipitation


a newly laundered vision;

soon, my child,

Eden will rise


healing in its wings…