Open It

barn framed

Daylight bids its fond adieu,

Evening splices time in two;

What was, turns into yesterdays,

What will be, is the gift that stays.


Full Meal Deal


Butter on living toast,

you breakfast my morning

with breathless beauty,

food for thought and heart


to sate endless appetite

(heart hunger rarely needs

to loosen its belt); soul

growls, empty, and you,


in so temporary a skin,

exercise your right

to round my malnourished belly

with your dying gift.


Daylily blossoms only last for one day, as their name implies – yet how much their short-lived petals bless our world! What can YOU do today to feed someone’s spirit?

Eyes Squeezed Tight

hoarfrost maple

Eyes squeezed tight to shut out cold

can’t see a winter world lit gold,

will not perceive the gift of ember,

can’t truly LIVE throughout December.


Our instinct when in pain is to flinch and shut it out – what are we missing of the lesson intended?

Blushing Bride

Blushing bride, delicate rose,

Layers of mystery striking a pose;

Your glory lies in mantle of skin,

In triplicate infinite strata within.

Blushing bride, exquisite bloom,

Opening self when Love gives you room;

Trusting that yours is a valued award,

Giving completely what groom can’t afford.

The Gift

Sometimes life brings an unexpected delight.

Sometimes you are wading through the tough stuff, when joy is handed as a gift on a china platter.  Literally.

I met my dear friend for a day of catching up.  Her presence was like an ointment smoothed on a burn graft.  Her smiles and encouragement were nectar of the gods.  Her prayers and wise words spoke Life and Courage and Spirit and God-Hope into my bones.

And then we arrived at the garden…

A mini-paradise, this – a volunteer labour of love in the midst of concrete and traffic snarls.  Within, hydrangeas, lilies, orchids.

Within, peace.

Wandering in delight, senses stretched to contain the whole.  Colour and beauty and rest in the midst of a rocky road, every bloom invested its soul in crossing the distance to mine, breathing life-breath and lung-fill and heart-stir and hope in every exhale.

And then, the Joy surprise burst out – a tiny lady quietly brought us a tea tray.

“Where would you girls like to sit? ”

There were tiny tables tucked into recesses draped with living green.  We chose the one with the dark mosaic and the orchids blinking lazily in dappled sun.

We sipped.  The moments crawled, a meandering of now and here and present.  Because we knew in a glance – the present is a true gift.

We opened it with care not to disturb the packaging, a reverent awe slowing our fingers from anxious to curious.  We untied rather than clawing its ribbons.  We used fingernails to gently tease the tape.  We were careful not to crumple the lovely wrapping paper.

And presently, when ‘now’ became ‘then’, we were able to release it and let it go.  It was a past that would feed future conversations and rememberings.  A hallowed moment where two shared.  Healed.  Grew.

And together, opened the gift…