Like Candy


He pours his voice like taffy.

Creamy folds undulate, smooth to silk in her

hungry ears. But when he pulls his words, stretches

the truth out of shape she, generously buttered, finds there is

nothing she can hold on to. Communication – hardened

and brittle –

shatters in the stillness; she is left with only her bitter

memories of how easily those empty calories

used to go down.


Jan Lake burnt blueberries

Out of the fire, something to eat,

Out of the chaos, something sweet;

As sure as the sunrise from darkness is torn,

After the heartache, Hope is reborn.


My husband and I stumbled across a delightful blueberry patch growing in an area devastated by fire. What a delicious promise that the very things in life that distress and challenge us can be the beginning of something beautiful and fruitful  – if we will allow them to transform us.



Jet-stream, sail into the sunset,

fly my dreams to hidden clouds;

take these broken pieces with you,

bury them in umber shrouds.

Soar past bands of razor-memories,

slice through liquid gold refined;

find a place where happy endings

leave the hounds of hell behind.

Let Bleeding Hearts of the World Unite!

Let bleeding hearts of the world unite!

Drenched in sorrow,

only those whose

hearts have been shredded

dare apply.

Deep calls to deep,

affliction meets misery,

grief grows rapport

like a second skin,

fitted like misfortune’s glove.

Heartache’s brine

seasons souls scrupulously

and breeds empathy

that is released,

spores of mercy,

descending like dew

on bleeding hearts of the world.

Let them all unite!