A Leaf to Turn

burnt edge

Life has hurt you; I can see

The scars from where you’ve burned –

If you’ll let go, that frailty

Could be a leaf to turn.

For something new to grow again

Where only wounds have bloomed,

The old must drop; there, space obtained,

Spring’s vigor can resume.

So say good-bye to autumn’s jaws,

To fronds aglow with strife;

For after Winter’s healing pause,

Your soul will burst to life.




Spring Forward

Frosty grasses


Lay down what is past

Look beyond this present skin

Lean hard into Spring

The Icicle Project



If I were

an icicle

I would melt

into your love

letting go

of the past

like tears

rolling down


of glass

Learning How to Fly

You hold yourself aloft,

You breathe a higher air;

The lessons learned in hard knocks class

Have earned you points to spare.

The troubles of the plebians

Down where the lowly lie

Don’t touch you now, you’re too highbrow,

You’re learning how to fly…