15 comments on “Spring Forward

  1. Lyle Krahn says:

    I understand I’m completely missing your point, but with all the water running in the city today, if I lean too much I’m getting soaked.

    • melodylowes says:

      hehe What a different world than the one a few weeks ago where we were all afraid our cars wouldn’t start…. Maybe you could lean into just one puddle? Take one for the team? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. RoSy says:

    I’m trying. I really am.
    It was a nice day yesterday. We hit temps in the 50s (F).
    It was almost like a heat-wave. The forecast shows rain for today & possible snow for tomorrow.
    9 days till spring!

  3. adaisygarden says:

    Love this one… Reminds me of a verse I’ve been trying to keep in mind lately… “…forgetting what is behind, I press on…”

  4. Very beautiful Melody…have a lovely weekend…I can smell spring in the air!

  5. Melody, this is graceful both in picture and words. I love the lighting in it too.

    Blessings ~ Wendy โ€

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