When Fate has frozen fortune,

When winter has its way,

When hanging on takes all you’ve got

And circumstances prey,

Open heart to springtime rays

And soak up brilliant sun,

For in the Light, your hope is sure –

Your gleaming has begun.

Eyes Squeezed Tight

hoarfrost maple

Eyes squeezed tight to shut out cold

can’t see a winter world lit gold,

will not perceive the gift of ember,

can’t truly LIVE throughout December.


Our instinct when in pain is to flinch and shut it out – what are we missing of the lesson intended?

Leaves of Life

metal leaves

As leaves of life are pages turned

each sunrise and each setting eve,

so Time requires accounting earned

of heart, and what heart has achieved;

what ink was etched in living light

upon those souls within arm’s reach;

what words with honey sweetened plight,

or actions wrote with keener speech?


What one thing can you do this day to make the world around you a better place? ¬†We need to stand together against evil, or peace on earth will remain a distant dream…


ditch grass

Time demanded all she owned –

her gathered grain, the strength she loaned

to others by the way she lived;

shorn and cold,with naught to give,

Time will lend her fresh-brewed aid,

in guise of deeds from friends repaid.


There comes a time when we haven’t the strength to give as we did in the past – it is in these moments that we need to learn to accept the help and care of others…

Dare to be You

Dare to be you,

to stand out in the crowd,

dare to let vulnerable places bleed;

dare to own talents, and use them out loud,

dare to choose kindness, and make it your creed.

Dare to set boundaries, walls built with gates,

dare to bar evil, while letting good through;

dare to have faith in your positive traits,

dare to grow beautiful,

dare to be YOU!

Time Will Tell

Time will tell –

tally of suns and moons

draws age spots on cheeks,

fades spring blush,

traces wrinkles in the parchment;

and yet,

in your death throes,

you carpet the earth

in sunshine.

Time has told tales –

days and nights of wonder,

tear-stains over grass-stains

in endless cycles of wash and wear madness;


loves gained and lost,

progeny wiped and polished and applauded,

aches echoing pains in a comedy of errors.

What your final glory will be,


Time will tell.

Budding Well

Held aloft on dainty stem,

Feeling autumn breeze;

Floating bodice, dancing hem

Tantalizes bees.

Contemplating frost’s approach,

Knowing pending Fate;

Blooming, scorning all reproach –

Budding well won’t wait.