Stained Am I



Stained am I, and streaked

by this palsy, pollen-spots

falling as table-scraps onto

purity’s napkin. Holy

rain, wash my hands,

my feet, my heart, that

I would bloom beauty

in shades of redemption,

where mercy meets

malfeasance with a

gown white as snow.

The Breath of Spring


If home is where heart-aches hang their hats,

what shovel can make the mat welcome?

Only Chinook winds of forgiveness,



wafting on Spirit wings,

can melt Denial

and soften Stubbornness

with the breath of Spring.

Worth Your Weight in Gold


Golden when the sky is blue,

Golden words to keep heart true,

Golden  actions surely prove

you’re worth your weight in gold.

Golden touch when wounds are raw,

Golden lines to tether flaws,

Golden brush where mercy draws,

you’re worth your weight in gold.