As dawn burns away fog,

so Your light burns me –




all melt in Your gaze.


and Denial

are no match for Your rays;

they squirm

and justify

but are undone like morning mist.

So rise,

Morning Star,

Your radiance

is welcome

to live here,

in my dark places,

where night has reigned too long.


and shine


paint me daybreak,

colour me rainbow,

and call me


Morning Breaks


Morning breaks –

breaks night’s grip,

crushing darkness.

Breaks nightmare worlds

and midnight prowls.


evening’s despair

and twilight’s angst.

The break of day

brings such beauty,

such hope,

such clarity –

should not the breaking of me

as Morning Star rises

bring beauty?

Let dark

and decay

and fear

and despair

once be broken,

and I will rise

with the Son

on the wings of the dawn,


brilliantly lit,

whole and holy.

Let morning


Morning Light

Morning light steals into view,

Waking senses come to life;

Day arises, dressed in blue,

Taking slanted rays as wife.

Fresh perspective, fresh refrain,

No mistakes to cast their gloom;

Dawning sun with all to gain,

Rises now with hope in womb.

Good Morning, My Love

Good morning, my love  –

it seems we must rouse;

the sun’s streaming in

and making her bows.

It’s time for the dreamers

to rise from their dreams;

it’s time for the lovers

to undo the seams

that sewed two together

for night time’s embrace ,

and shake off Love’s slumber

to enter Life’s race.