Thoughts Are Clouds

summer sky

Thoughts are clouds on canvas sky –

Some go idly drifting by,

Moved by whim or circumstance,

Shaped as concepts meet by chance.

Others draw conclusions there,

Intention giving studied air –

Captured by the artist’s mind,

Reflection paints each view refined.

Lest your work of art be marred

By thunder-heads, be on your guard;

Better than the stormy strokes

Are lovely thoughts that hope evokes.

To See, or Not To See

snowy diamonds


is the soul

whose heart can see

that even life’s coldest path

is sprinkled with


Even Trouble


Nothing lasts forever. Even

trouble has a shelf-life; smiling

won’t fix anything, but it

will sure make your world

a sunnier place to live in…

The Secret Garden


There grows a garden deep within,

in soul’s most secret soil,

where ferns of fear and flakes of doubt

can daintily uncoil.

The seeds I plant in mindful ways

take root and multiply,

so if I want to harvest hope,

my thoughts must hover high.

Melody Muses…on Beauty

There has been so much ugly in my world lately that  it is time…time to inject some gorgeous!  So my musings for April will be about all things beautiful, elegant, excellent, and praiseworthy.

Here is number one:


It is so difficult at times to rise above our circumstances – but if we can conquer negative thoughts, that is a good start!