A New Year’s Prayer

frozen moon


Just enough raindrops to plant your hope deep,

Just enough losses to learn what to keep;

Just enough chaos to drive you to prayer,

Just enough failure to need Jesus there;

Just enough courage to hold your head high,

Just enough valleys to covet the sky;

Just enough sunshine to process the pain,

Just enough dying to rise up again.


sideways sunflower


















Nodding golden halo-crown,

Petals wrapped in dressing-gown

Curtsy low and, praying, bend

To usher in the Summer’s end.




Here I am, Lord –



Tears are my most

loyal companion;

they trace the fault-lines

where sorrow cracks me wide.

Yet I take heart

as I think of You –


As buds are broken to release fragrance,

You were broken to release me.

The beauty of it

perfumes my pain,

gives it hope

and bloom.

For as Your deepest break

birthed your bravest flowers,

my broken

can blossom, too.

Grassroots Growth


Brittle hands emptied out,

crisp-crackled in the dying places,

freeze-dried from the endlessness of

to-do lists, the heaped up inadequacies of fertilizing

failures, fold in prayer, the cry of a surrender which

knows its own hollowness at last. And where

empty meets Full, the

green can begin, grassroots growth.