Prison Break



One day sun will melt the bars,

Open doors and mend the scars,

Free your spirit from your chains –

Winter’s just the labour pains.

Frozen Fingers


Frozen fingers point, accuse,

indict the earth for all her crimes;

frozen hearts in Trouble’s shoes

hear the fear in Memory’s chimes.

In a world where Winter reigns,

a Narnia ‘neath wicked spell,

who but Spring’s Son breaks such chains,

melts the shackles of such hell?

The Prisoner

You’re locked away in prison bars,

Unlikely hidden inmate.

A blood-red jailbird, one who stars

In this plotted twist of fate.

How strange that you should choose to bloom

Despite the cold frames of steel;

Sealed away in embittered tomb,

Your scars have no chance to heal.

Yet there you are, beautiful rose,

Choosing to offer the world

The grace of your magnificence,

The charm of  beauty unfurled.

O, to be a red, red rose bud,

Giving her all in her cell;

Knowing that when her time is served,

She has lived her one life well…

Long Was I a Prisoner

Long was I a prisoner in rock and plaster cage;

Long had I been locked from sun and kept from pleasure’s page.

You peered in past walls I built, your pick and axe were true;

Your hammering with tools of trade effectively broke through.

And oh! the pain as on my heart you etched your loving hymn;

The light blazed in and blinded me, whose eyes had grown so dim.

As pen scraped glass, my soul bled blood, and in the bleeding, healed;

When clouded panes grew brighter still, my sentence was repealed!

My prison walls have been transformed into an abbey bright;

Your light shines through transparent soul, a window full of light.

And now the light can shine both ways, a barrier no more;

As you light me, I light my world, and in the lighting, soar!

If I Had a Jacob’s Ladder

If I had a Jacob’s Ladder

I could climb and touch the stars;

I would leave the past behind and

Make extinct these prison bars.

Rung by rung I’d inch up closer,

Climb upon my Saviour’s knee.

If I had a Jacob’s ladder,

I could find a way to Thee!

‘Tis the season for the Jacob’s Ladder to bloom.  I’ve been waiting to get a good shot of a creepy-crawly climbing it – but I have made do with my imagination when nature didn’t oblige me!