Planting Emeralds


While winter wailed and bared his teeth,

you withdrew into your shell;

now, the tears that leaked beneath

the earth have come to serve you well.

Each precious seed, an emerald gem,

plants true beauty in your soul;

as they grow, they stitch a hem

of radiance to make you whole.

Even Raindrops

Even raindrops have their endings,

Toils and troubles have their mendings,

Sunshine’s grace expels full eaves,

Naked branches bear hope’s leaves…


In macro-vision, these tears overwhelm;

They are all I see through salt-dimmed frame.

If trouble takes Perspective’s helm,

Then, counting heart-aches, giving name

To every ghost that bumps this night,

The chains of Christmas past will drag

Their mark across my hapless plight,

And Hopelessness will choke and gag.

But if I take a breath, and back

A step along my sorrowed trail;

If I let details fade to black

And place in context my travail,

I find Perspective, elusive sage,

Hiding in reflected tears.

Her cousin Solace comes of age

As surrendered, I let go of fears

And, eyes adjusting to the scene,

Raindrops blend into the whole;

Painted backdrop becomes serene

As Perspective nudges lifted soul.



Raindrops twirling from the clouds,

Aerial dance, choreography of heaven.

Clinging in childlike faith to leaf and stem and petal,

Tension creates beauty – surface tautly stretches

To contain its entirety.

Gravity whispers slow,

Hungry with delighted anticipation.

Molecule joins to fellow, seeking companionship

In the great migration;

Drawn irresistibly to the center of the Earth,

Each raindrop traces the path of its ancestors

And abandons itself to the pull of the Deep,

the Joy of surrender.