The New Green



Earth worships Green –

Bows beneath leafy canopies

To the fountain of youth,

Sings praises to virility and supple strength

In cathedrals fashioned by fads.

But after life killed her chlorophyll,

Her true beauty bloomed;

Wisdom and resilience have proven

Gold to be the new green.


Stoic Stance

Stoic stance,

stand me in good stead;

though the earth give way,

and the mountains rush into the sea,

I will not be moved.

Scales of Justice,

swing no more.


remove thyself from the mill.

Super-sized inner strength,

with a side of courage,

usher the bride to the altar

and marry heart to intent;

Spirit whose breath

holds me aloft,

make good your boast

and hold me fast

in this solo dance,

stoic stance.

Things Are Looking Up

Things are looking up.

When soul is lemon-squeezed

and gutter-balled,

where else can it go?

When spirit is avalanche-prone,

barreling spiral of mountain-top madness

plunging to certain death in

cataclysmic fury,

getting up is

supreme progress!

When  bottom is a taste in the teeth

and a grit in the face,

raising head to heaven

is elevation,


accession to the Throne.

Don’t Hide Your Tears

Don’t hide your tears, my child –

I give you permission to let them fall.

When life withholds its gavel,

when your Piper requires you to pay

a price set in the stars,

let them fall.

Mourn well.

The tension holding

what should be

far from what is,

will break you in its stern grip

unless you grieve;

Eden is long gone.

Cry away the withered hopes

and wash away bitter realities;

your sobs are soul-songs which

rise before the Throne above.

Such precipitation


a newly laundered vision;

soon, my child,

Eden will rise


healing in its wings…

Hooded Monks

Hooded monks with vesper views,

Marking time on evening pews,

Meditating on Good News,

Footsteps padding light.

Cloaks and Cloth at sunset hour,

Kneeling in monastic tower,

Soaking rays of heaven’s power,

Bidding God goodnight.


This gorgeous flower is ‘Aconitum‘, commonly called ‘Monkshood’…

Daylily at Prayer

Sodden with the earthen dew,

Silent in your grassy pew,

Heart held up to heaven’s view –

Laying spirit bare.

Thoughtful in your reverie,

Earnest soul will ever be

Humbled here, on bended knee,

Daylily at prayer.