The Stars Come Out

sedum stars


When the sky is black

With storms brewed thick like coffee

You take my hand

And smile

And one by one,

The stars come out




When she saw the light,

something in her cells

got charged. Turned on.

Illuminated. And she

knows now that fragility

and brilliance hold hands

in dark places,  a

collision course with

gloom that can eclipse

even her pain, obscure even

the Shadowlands. Her

smile says it all; I am

alive, I am conqueror,

I am free. Somewhere

in the darkness, a match

strikes against a flint

as black as pitch –


Johnny, Don’t Give Up Just Yet

Johnny, don’t give up just yet

Though the ground is white with snow,

Though your toes get cold and wet

With all that’s going on below.

Heaven gifted you with joy

To share with those who tread this earth

so Johnny, blessed angel boy,

flash your smile for all you’re worth!

Art as Beauty

There is something so satisfying in seeing lovely things.  I don’t know why.  There is something very pleasant in beholding beautiful.  Watch your newest niece and you’ll know its true – her face will erupt in delighted grins when she sees that new tablecloth you bought.  Trust me.

So today, I celebrate all the art that has astounded me, moved me, brought tears to my eyes, or just made me smile.

Here are a few of my own attempts at beauty.  I’m not there yet – but your niece might be trapped into a grin over them!

"Winter Reverie", watercolor on paper, Copyright Melody Lowes


"Field at Dusk", watercolor on paper, Copyright Melody Lowes