Even Trouble


Nothing lasts forever. Even

trouble has a shelf-life; smiling

won’t fix anything, but it

will sure make your world

a sunnier place to live in…

If It’s Treasure You’re After


If it’s treasure you’re after,

‘X’ always marks the spot;

the places where push shoves

and rubber smears the road

and frost-feathers freeze

are inexorably painting a bull’s-eye

on your soul.

Twenty paces shy of normal,

30 leagues under tumultuous seas,

the secrets of Life’s Map

are only drawn out under duress.

So cheer, Mate!

When troubles broil

and problems are plenty,

your treasure is multiplying –

with interest.

A Higher Road


He thought his shoulders were strong and broad

til troubles came to call;

Like flurries, problems mounted up,

and made his strength feel small.

Rocked to his heels, and then his knees,

he bent beneath the load –

and found that in the broken place,

he found a higher road.

You Hide Your Scars Well

You hide your scars well.

Wind has wailed and blasted skin

and sucked the water from every cell.

I see your petals are wearing thin

but from here it’s hard to tell

that you are walking wounded now,

limping with a twisted cane.

Deeper furrows line your brow,

etched with tools of deepest pain.

Yet golden still, your face shines on;

you smile as if you saw the gain –

that tragedy, its substance gone

had fought with you, and fought in vain.