chewed leaf

Wholeness remained elusive

while he ignored his holes;

now that they are invited to meet the sun,

what trickles through

christens him





you who are weary and heavy laden

with frosty freight

and glacial encumbrance;

leaning shows

not your weakness,

but your wisdom,

for I whose arm is strong

delight to share of my Resources.


not on your own understanding,

but on Mine.

Incline your head and heart,

and in the leaning,

you will find rest.

Silver-Spun Cells


Silver-spun cells of gossamer thought,

threaded on breeze-blossoms, skilfully wrought;

whispers of whirlwind,  fairy-frost food,

share your sweet secret – how do you stay glued?

Delicate membranes with hearts on your sleeve,

barely there brainstorm, a brittle-crisp weave –

filmy exquisite, in raiment of lace,

what holds you together while running your race?


How ironic that such beauty is to be found in the weak places…can it be that we, in our humanity, in our very fragility, are beautiful?

Lean on Me

When cares weigh shoulders down with pain

and heavy is your life’s refrain,

in places where  your solace wanes,

lean on Me.

When hope is just a distant dream

and breakers wash your goals upstream,

in silence, when your soul bleeds screams,

lean on Me.

I am Rock, a solid mass,

I am Time, when seconds pass,

I am Truth, your looking glass –

lean on Me.

Angel Halo

Such fragile construction,

this whisper-thin membrane

between you and the Light.

Nothing robust here.

You cannot boast of a strength of your own making.


your veins revealing the life-pulse beating in their wispy confines,

you boldly invite Sun into your membranes.

It captures your whole, and,

radiating within,



weaving a texture through your substance,

baptizes you with

angel halo…

“My power is all you need.  My power works best in weakness.”  II Corinthians 12:9 NLT