baby grebe

Flesh of my flesh, in essence your own;

I nurtured and loved what God gave on loan;

Our time in the water has quickly slipped by;

I gave you your wings – child, take to the sky.




Unless I lift my lowered gaze,

I’ll miss the Beauty in my days –

Remain attached to lowly sod,

Where lowly caterpillars plod.

But if I lift my thoughts above,

Forever seek the path of love,

My heart will rise on golden wings,

Accomplishing much brighter things.




I catch a glimpse

of heaven

from here on the ground

where mortals fear

to tread, and

the audacity of it,

the wild blue abandonment

of its proclamation

gives me the courage

I will need

to stretch out these

broken wings

and fly…




in my shroud,

 I am blind to Your brilliance.

Larval squirmings, procedural dues, envelop

mind and consume corpse so that all I feel is the pain

of becoming; the razor-edge ritual, this

infernal breakdown of internal structure,

this corpuscle soup I slaver and

squirm in throttles

all impetus.


in order to fly,

legs must be leashed.  In order to soar,

wings must be hammered thin as air.  Remake me.

Reset each molecule, retune each cell, that each atom

would sing the frequency of its conception, that

restoration and healing would croon cocoon.

That larval limping and caterpillar

crawl would collapse, gutted.

And the writhe, be


Spread Your Wings and Fly

hoarfrost fly

Spread your wings and fly, my soul,

though heart is frozen still;

you’re not yet what you could be,

but perhaps you never will.

You can soar where eagles dare

if you just trust the sky;

tarry not for perfect wind,

just spread your wings and  fly!


Do you ever find yourself thinking, ‘I’ll do that when…..’  Why wait?  Today is as good a day as any to learn how to fly…