Unless I lift my lowered gaze,

I’ll miss the Beauty in my days –

Remain attached to lowly sod,

Where lowly caterpillars plod.

But if I lift my thoughts above,

Forever seek the path of love,

My heart will rise on golden wings,

Accomplishing much brighter things.

14 comments on “Lift

  1. Ponder says:

    Oh my, Mel–that’s so lovely and true.

  2. tinamhunt says:

    This one rings so true. I don’t know if I loved it or needed its truth more. Thanks!

  3. I like this photo with your poem. I think looking up into the sky adds something to our faith. Your poem says it well.

  4. Lyle Krahn says:

    You are the second person I read today who was eloquently encouraging readers in this general direction. The other one was

    • melodylowes says:

      That is a powerful piece! I have slowly been realizing in the past few years how much of my life has been motivated, not by love, but by my own need. It is slowly sinking in to my heart that unless I live a life characterized by love, all that I do is nothing (as the apostle Paul would say!) It means a huge paradigm shift – and a LOT of looking up! I am rather a slow learner, I’m afraid – but I think I see some progress at last!

  5. Gallivanta says:

    Now, tell me, did you have to get down low like a caterpillar to take that photo? 😉

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