Raise Your Eyes

Raise your eyes, little one.

Own no shame

for what your world has done –

battered and bruised,

torn, shattered, forsaken,

you hold within your bosom

the ultimate treasure.

Let go, little one.

Let the seeds borne through

heat and drought,

flood and famine,





Your beauty has faded,

but your heart will live on.

The seed planted in you

has been multiplied

like loaves and fishes;

your sacrifice

has purchased



raise your eyes to heaven,

where your seeds

will settle like dew

as angels reap

what you have sown.

12 comments on “Raise Your Eyes

  1. Antonio De Simone says:

    Very nice!!!

  2. Caddo Veil says:

    Mmm, I especially like the last thought, Melody–“angels reap what you have sown”. Very nice!

  3. SilverTill says:

    Ah ComOn! That is one dead flower, the Bud has been beat. Its only choice is a seedy statement to the next generation. “This Bud IS For You.” Hey! didn’t some cool dude do this 2000 years ago? Still getting rave reviews from what I hear.”

  4. ShimonZ says:

    a beautiful poem

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