The Balloon


The day he burst her balloon

her soul ripped in two

and her very veins

bled blue; jagged

edges, raw to the touch,

were misplaced

(lone sock

swallowed by

the dryer

in the heat of

battle). Imagine

her shock

the day she woke up

and saw that

in breaking,

in allowing herself

to rip apart at the

seams, she had



This little ‘balloon flower’ will literally burst into bloom when it lets itself pop open. What a marvellous lesson in redemption…

Get Real


She wants to get real.

Her thirst is a mirror,

reflecting a parched soul

to blind eyes; the more she

confesses, the more she

recognizes her hollowness.

Only Light can fill her now –

energy in rainbow-rays,

illumination to reveal

depravity. And seeing,

she knows that

she has been a dark

and empty thing,

a plastic flower

with no hope of fragrance.

So now,

at last,

she wants to get real.

If the Shoe Fits



If the shoe fits,

step into your

dreams, where

Cinderella’s carriage

is drawn by

ingenuity, not


passion, not



not fairy dust.






You let it all hang out,

nouns, idioms,

dangling participles,

taking a chance on


the conventions of language

to underscore your point.

Your openness spills ink

onto life’s crumpled


pages. Your transparency

builds a story line,

romantic innuendoes

of historical significance


which weave complexities,

nuances of tone and metaphor,

smudges of graphite

on lines yet un-penned.




Only You


Only You would take bare wire

and twist it into glacial art;

Only You could shine Your rays

and melt the hardest selfish heart.

Only love could add this sheen

and sculpt a work of vivid hue;

Only grace could dazzle me

so I would worship only You.

Leaves of Life

metal leaves

As leaves of life are pages turned

each sunrise and each setting eve,

so Time requires accounting earned

of heart, and what heart has achieved;

what ink was etched in living light

upon those souls within arm’s reach;

what words with honey sweetened plight,

or actions wrote with keener speech?


What one thing can you do this day to make the world around you a better place?  We need to stand together against evil, or peace on earth will remain a distant dream…

You Could Be Home

frozen planter

Are you a nevermore,

or a not yet?

A foreign shore,

or a safe bet?

Who you could be

is not written in stone;

shovel the snow,

and you could be home.