14 comments on “Waving Easter In

  1. Subhan Zein says:

    Happy Easter to you. May the Light of Love be with you, as always. โ™ฅ

  2. juliemomyer says:

    Easter blessings!

  3. Cyndi Heath says:

    Yes! Praise God, Sunday’s a comin’!


  4. Heidi Viars says:

    A day of waiting … for the most amazing news the world has ever heard!!! Happy Easter to you, blogging friend ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Happy Easter, Melody!
    Enjoy the day…

  6. Beautifully appropriate, Melody! I wore my heart on the sleeve at Good Friday service yesterday…

    Easter Blessings ~ Wendy

  7. RoSy says:

    Have a Happy & Blessed Easter Melody! xoxo

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