Pollen Counts

princess purple pollen

Golden grains, a holy harvest

hovering on fruitful lips;

words are pollen, rich with meaning,

pregnant with potential scripts


that sow within a listening soul

a seed of hope – embryo

which, when implanted in a heart

take root, sprout,and start to grow.


If unspoken, pollen withers,

loses ground, and starts to die;

if too forceful, it will spatter,

staining as it whizzes by.


If applied as God intended,

spread by gentle breeze or art –

pollen counts, and reproduces

life and health and growth by heart.




11 comments on “Pollen Counts

  1. Gallivanta says:

    Hmmmm….your words have given me a new perspective on pollen. Usually wind borne pollen and I are at loggerheads but, of course, that is not the fault of the pollen but the outcome of our planting habits. I will try to be more polite to pollen because it really does count.

  2. Isn’t this wonderful! Both poem and lovely photo. I sent a gal your way, name of Morgan–in case you see her, you’ll know. Love to you Mel!

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