Just Two of Us


Just  two of us

in single skin,

Dark and Light

at odds within;

Dark pulls hard

to blacker space,

Light yanks back

to trusting place.

Dark holds hurt,

and cradles pain;

Dark won’t grow,

so wounds remain.

Where Light reflects

in truest form,

Dark dies back,

and hope is born.

Morning Breaks


Morning breaks –

breaks night’s grip,

crushing darkness.

Breaks nightmare worlds

and midnight prowls.


evening’s despair

and twilight’s angst.

The break of day

brings such beauty,

such hope,

such clarity –

should not the breaking of me

as Morning Star rises

bring beauty?

Let dark

and decay

and fear

and despair

once be broken,

and I will rise

with the Son

on the wings of the dawn,


brilliantly lit,

whole and holy.

Let morning



Dark weaves a nightmare at awkward angles

And dares the Light to break in.

Dark blinds a viewpoint with tunnel-vision

And obscures all the places you’ve been.

Light strikes a match at the crucial moment

And shines through prison walls;

Light  blasts a path to the road not taken

And smiles when Darkness falls…