Pansy, Thy Name is Empathy

Pansy, thy name is Empathy –

Yours is not the Arrogance bred

By clawing way on rungs of corporate steel;

No, you did your time

And punched Agony’s card.

Now, when you have earned your stripes,

You could look down petalled nose,

Let Disdain and Company Policy

Give Boot its measured tread.

But your tears are not your own;

They flow for the minions

Punching your old card.

Pansy, thy name is Empathy…

Leader of the Pack

That confidence is definitely attracting attention.

You face the sun head on,

with a ‘Bring it on!’ swagger

that is as uncanny as it is inspiring.

Yeah, you’ve been around the block a time or two –

but adversity seems to slink away from your cheer like the morning mist,

ashamed that it ever tried to rain on your parade.

You’ve ‘been there, done that’,

and instead of running headlong from your past,

you reach back with open heart to the rest of us,

willing us to step into the light,

breathing fire into our bones

and raw hope into ragged blooms.

You follow your Leader;

we will follow you…

~Dedicated to Barb and Jan, two women who risk much to lead others to freedom~