Pansy, Thy Name is Empathy

Pansy, thy name is Empathy –

Yours is not the Arrogance bred

By clawing way on rungs of corporate steel;

No, you did your time

And punched Agony’s card.

Now, when you have earned your stripes,

You could look down petalled nose,

Let Disdain and Company Policy

Give Boot its measured tread.

But your tears are not your own;

They flow for the minions

Punching your old card.

Pansy, thy name is Empathy…

9 comments on “Pansy, Thy Name is Empathy

  1. Caddo Veil says:


  2. Kumar Gautam says:

    Fresh and contemporary πŸ™‚

  3. Isn’t that lovely? I saw some pansies with water on a few months ago after they had receiving a quick sprinkle from the hose pipe. All flowers look lovely with droplets of rain, but I think pansies look super-lovely!

  4. I think you picked the perfect flower for this poem. It’s so lovely but unpretentious. A worthy goal for us ladies… Proverb’s pansy! ~ Wendy

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