Her Tears



Her tears have drenched her soul,

burying the hatchet in rivulets

running red, bloody gouges

brimming with magna-cum-laude


(degree earned in the school of

hard knocks, awarded posthumously to

the candidate least alive). Only

genuine, soul-stirring mourning could


wash away such agony; only

marianas trench could hold

such fathomless suffering –

and yet, forgiveness dyes


her bandages as surely as

the sun continues to rise

and set on the just and the

unjust alike. God only knows


what it has cost her to forgive.

God only knows what it cost Him

to give her the choice. Tears

cauterise the gashes



and rise, wave upon wave

as pure as air, a mighty flood

(pregnant with undercurrent)

to wash her to Freedom.


22 comments on “Her Tears

  1. russtowne says:

    Powerful imagery. Experiencing it was like running a rapids for the first time; not knowing what to expect and anxious to see what comes next.

  2. Glenda Mills says:

    Powerful Melody!!

  3. WOW, I’m speechless.

  4. Mlissabeth says:

    No words but Wow.

  5. Debbie says:

    Well, after I read this I thought, Powerful! too. But everyone else said that! haha! But it truly was. This is the part I am really thinking about, “God only knows what it cost her to forgive. God only knows what it cost Him to give her the choice.” Forgiveness is something that I have to live everyday. Thank you for giving me a fresh look at it!

    • melodylowes says:

      Thanks for sharing that, Debbie. The choice to forgive is a powerful sign of freedom – but oh, so difficult to achieve on a deeper level where the trespass has been great. The process of a lifetime, to be sure!

  6. lylekrahn says:

    I like the washed to freedom part.

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