You’ve wept until your eyes are puffed

In turtle-shell disguise,

Your face is red, your cheeks are stained

With tears that trace your cries.

You hang your head as sorrow deep

Weighs your visage down;

You’ve cried heart dry so many times,

It weeps without a sound.

But you don’t see that in your grief

Your blooms are opening wide;

Rich beauty lies within your pain,

Allurement which can’t hide.

And as you grieve, the Master of

Your heart is drawing near;

He wipes your eyes, and as you cry,

True beauty washes clear.

13 comments on “Grieving

  1. This is beautiful, Melody!

  2. I like this. It resonates with my thoughts at the moment! Well the first bit does, hopefully the second bit will happen later.

    • melodylowes says:

      Grieving sucks. No other word for it! But those tears wash away a lot of toxins, and pave the way for something beautiful to grow from the ashes. Hang in there – the last part will happen too! It is too bad that this one will resonate with so many – but grieving is such a part of the human condition, we can’t avoid it for long. I am finding that the question to ask is not ‘Why?” but rather “What do I do with this now?” A hard question but one with a potential point and answer to it…

  3. Caddo Veil says:

    Oh, this is So Gorgeous, Melody! As a poet, I’ve found the best thing to do with grief is to turn it into poems that resonate with others. I think it’s part of HIS “beauty for ashes” Plan. God bless you Big! love, sis Caddo

  4. Grieving is cleansing the heart, mind and soul. And thank God, there’s poetry to speed up the proces. Thanks, Melody!

  5. Petro Neagu says:

    Oh, I so love that Master of your heart, so creative!
    Grieving through crying is natural and to me, it’s quite welcome because this is how I get rid of negativity. Sometimes I wish I could cry more so I could wash the pain away.

    Many hugs, dear Melody

  6. Love Love Love this!

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